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CONTRACT LAW - Can I use a contract I found on the internet?

A lot of folks will call and email me and ask if they can use a contract they found on the internet for their business or a specific transaction. My answer is always the typical lawyer response, “it depends”.

While yes, you can certainly find a multitude of contracts and information on-line it might not necessarily adequately cover you. Also, it really depends on what the contract is for. Let’s face it, lawyers pretty much use previously stored precedent (templates) from their databases to formulate new contracts. However, even in those situations we go through the needs and concerns of the individual. What works for some doesn’t always work for others.

Often, when clients come in with a pre-existing contract they have copied from the internet I will ask them a series of questions. These questions help me as the lawyer in determining the type of business or industry the contract will be used for. It also helps me understand the needs of that business or individual.

What I find really amusing is how, many folks don’t understand their own contract because they have simply cut, copied and pasted from the internet. If you don’t understand your own contract how can you expect someone else to understand it? Further, how will you be able to explain your contract to others?

While it is true, in seeking the legal services of a contract lawyer you will spend money. It’s often money well spent. Further, a good lawyer will on an on-going basis as needed review the contract to ensure it is current and in legal compliance.

For those reasons, if you’re thinking of drafting a contract for your business or a transaction it’s a good idea to consult with a lawyer.

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