Get a Will! You never know what can happen!

I need a Will but I have no time!

Most people understand that a Will is an important document. However, many put off getting a Will. This mentality stems largely from the fact, that we think we are immortal or in the alternative for obvious reasons death is something we don’t like to think of.

As we know, just by watching the news, or stories from friends and colleagues that anything can happen to us at anytime.

During the Christmas Holiday season a prospective client called about having a Will prepared for his ill father who was in the hospital. There was a sense of urgency due to the extremely unfortunate circumstances that this gentleman had been given weeks to live by his medical treatment team.

One can only imagine how horrifying and tragic this news is to anyone at anytime in their life. This gentleman was bedridden therefore, to prepare the Will it would be necessary to attend at his bedside at the hospital. Apart from the administrative issues, such as finding a witness, taking notes in a hospital etc. The biggest challenge both the lawyer and client face given the medical condition is ensuring that everything has been discussed. Also, there is no room for error.

A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever have.

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