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Some lawyers charge for legal consultations and some don’t. Often prospective clients are unaware that a lawyer may charge for a consultation.

At my law office for certain matters such as, civil litigation, family law and employment law I will likely charge a nominal fee.

Generally, for matters such as, personal injury law and criminal law I won’t.

Remember, a lawyer is taking time out to meet you, and to hear your story and to provide some recommendations and advice. Like any other professional the lawyer is entitled to bill for their time.

In all honesty, lawyers aren’t paying their bills through legal consultations. The legal consultation fee is also a way for a lawyer to determine if someone is serious about seeking advice or just shopping for free advice. You will be surprised with the types of people that call us and the types of problems we hear. On some occasions, a lawyer can spend a great deal of their time simply talking to new clients over the phone. That’s a lot of time.

If you are scheduling to meet with a lawyer always ask whether they charge for a legal consultation. If so, find out what the terms are. Many lawyers may charge for a legal consultation but may waive the fee if you retain them. Also, ensure you determine the method of payment. Unfortunately, many law offices are still old fashioned and don’t necessarily have debit and credit card options. If you’re paying by e-mail money transfer when does the transfer have to occur.

I’ve heard from some prospective clients that on scheduling a legal consultation some lawyers ask for a credit to be placed on file. Obviously, for the lawyer that’s peace of mind knowing they can bill for their services. However, what about the prospective client? What if they didn’t receive any helpful information during the session and it was a complete waste of time? Some prospective clients are required to pay immediately after receiving services such as a dentist office.

Whatever the case, always ensure you know the terms.

At my law office in Burlington I will generally request that prospective clients email me their availability. I will usually reply and confirm with the date, time and location and the terms of the legal consultation. Also, normally 24 hours prior to the legal consultation I will follow up with the prospective client to ensure they are still good for the day. I also advise, that if they can’t make it in, to not be shy about emailing me. This avoids me having to wait for a client that isn’t showing up thus, a waste of time.


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