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Below are some common litigation terms.

Common Civil Litigation Terms

Below you will find common terms that come up in a civil litigation, employment law and personal injury case.

  • Litigation: suing someone through the court process.
  • Rules of Civil Procedure: the rules for how things are done through the court process
  • Rules of Small Claims Court: the rules for how things are done through the small claims court process. Slightly different from regular cases.
  • Statement of Claim: the document that is the actual lawsuit. Filed at court and served on the other party.
  • Notice of Action: a notice that a lawsuit will be started. Filed at court. Different timelines versus the statement of claim.
  • Statement of Defence: the document the defendant prepares, serves and files at the court listing out his or her version of events.
  • Jury Notice: letting the court know whether you want a trial by jury.
  • Notice of Intent to Defend: Different from a statement of defence
  • Examination for Discovery: an opportunity for a party involved with the litigation to examine the other side by asking them questions.
  • Mediation: a common method used to resolve disputes.
  • Pre-Trial Conference: the final stage before a trial. Very similar to a mediation however it`s with a judge.
  • Trial: the actual trial

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