I am a practicing lawyer with over 10 years of litigation experience. I am pleased to offer my mediation services. Throughout the last decade of practicing I have participated in hundreds of mediations, pre-trial and settlement conferences.

I have been involved in complex personal injury mediations and civil litigation disputes. I also teach alternative dispute resolution at various colleges throughout the Greater Toronto Area. With my years of court room experience I provide detailed insight into the possible outcomes and consequences associated with trial.

Lawyers make some of the best mediators. Imagine the years of court brawls and backdoor negotiations that an experienced lawyer would have been involved in.

Not only are we able to understand a litigants needs but also the needs of your lawyer. Many of us have handled complex litigation matters where our clients face great uncertainty at a trial. Yet, we have still been able to resolve the dispute.

The best mediator will try everything to get the parties to make a deal. While ensuring that the parties are not compromising their own beliefs, values and of course financial resources.

Also, good mediators are aware of the risks that both litigants and lawyers face in today’s civil court system. As a result, they will try their best to outline to all parties the serious risks that await them if they proceed to a trial.


I offer competitive mediation rates being mindful of your client’s legal bill.

As a practising lawyer myself I understand the challenges of representing a client through litigation. Not only is it time consuming but often expensive for your client. There’s nothing better than being able to settle a file and move on knowing that you can mark the matter as completed.

An experienced mediator attempts to understands the lawyers needs and personal negotiation style.


If you are a business or individual facing a dispute and would like to look into mediation please contact my office.


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The following are some common statements from people that could benefit from mediation:

  • I was sued and I am a Defendant in a lawsuit
  • I sued someone and I am a Plaintiff in a lawsuit
  • I am involved in family law court
  • I may be sued by someone for outstanding money
  • My wife is thinking of taking me to family court
  • I am very worried about going to a civil trial
  • My civil litigation case is taking too long
  • My personal injury case is taking too long
  • My family law court case is taking too long
  • I am worried if I go to court I may lose

IF any of the statements above apply to you. Then you should seriously consider mediation. If you are represented by a lawyer it’s likely he or she will at sometime talk to you about mediation. If you are not represented by a lawyer feel free to give me a call directly. While I can’t give you legal advice about the case you are involved in. I can let you know about what mediation is.

I provide mediation services in Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, Oakville and Mississauga



My address is 901 Guelph Line, Burlington.

You can call or text at 416-505-4901.