When a recently fired employee or an employer who is thinking of terminating an employee calls me my first question is always whether they have an employment contract.

It’s no surprise that many employers still don’t have formal employment contracts or that an employee either can’t find it or is unsure of the terms.

The employment contract is fundamental in not only establishing rights and responsibilities but ensuring that parties acknowledge and understand the employment relationship.

It’s also not enough for an employer to simply have one employment contract.

  • Does the employee understand the terms of the employment contract?
  • Does the employer understand the terms of their own employment contract?
  • Has the employment contract been updated annually with consultation?
  • Has the employment contract been updated to reflect the employees current status?
  • Does the employment contract address contentious issues?

Employers must ensure their contracts are updated regularly to reflect the employees position, salary and tenure. If an employers contract is inadequate, and the decide to discipline an employee they must be very cautious.

It is very important that an employer no matter how big or small invest in a legally compliant employment contract. The money spent is well worth it.

The employer should also ensure that they are following their own contract.

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