I highly recommend Rehan, he is courteous, honest and diligent. He has assisted my family with numerous legal issues for many years.

H.A., Brantford, ON

Rehan goes the extra mile for his clients. He helped me with my legal dispute in a timely manner and was considerate about my finances.

F.H., Etobicoke, Ontario

I've had a clean record all my life and accidentally I was hit with a few issues that caused me some grief.  Rehan knew exactly how best to handle - he counselled me first, then explained all my options, where I was then allowed to select the strategy to go with.  He explained the pros and cons of each - make sure when you call him to get that detailed info as without that you'll be left astray.  I'd prefer somebody who tells me the options and allows me to make a decision vs taking one blindly for me.

S.H.,Brampton, Ontario

I am a lawyer and frequently refer clients dealing with complicated legal disputes to Rehan. He has a reputation for providing a straightforward approach and excellent customer service.

E.B., Toronto, Ontario

I am a lawyer and regularly consult with Rehan because of his experience and knowledge. He always provides me with practical advice that has helped me with many of my cases.

A.M., Ottawa, Ontario

I am a lawyer and often receive calls for civil litigation and personal injury. I always refer these potential clients to Rehan. I know that he will treat these clients with respect and honesty.

M.G., Oakville, Ontario

I am a doctor specialising in the area of neurology. I have a high volume clinical practice. That`s why I trust Rehan with my legal matters. Whether it's as simple as notarising a document or consulting about a legal dispute he treats me with fairness and professionalism.

R.D.,(M.D.) Paris, Ontario

I am a lawyer and I practice in-house for a large Canadian Insurance company. I refer potential conflict of interest matters to Rehan. He has many years of experience in the area of insurance and commercial law.

A.D., North York, Ontario

My husband and I were faced with a potential legal dispute that was very worrisome and frustrating. Thankfully, after meeting with Rehan he provided a realistic option that resolved the matter without having to proceed to litigation.

G.R., Scarborough, Ontario

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