Civil Litigation Trial Part 2


In my previous post I discussed the uncertainty and financial difficulty with proceeding to trial.

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This is why the civil justice system in Ontario has established certain procedures that must be followed in order for a party to move to the next stage.

These stages are designed to assist as follows:

  • Clarify and potentially resolve factual issues in dispute;
  • Clarify and potentially resolve any legal issues in dispute;
  • Evaluate the strength of the other parties position;
  • Evaluate the strength of your own position;
  • Evaluate the weakness of the other parties position;
  • Evaluate the weakness of your own position;
  • Request disclosure of documents or particulars; and
  • Obtain Judicial input or assistance.

The above are just some examples.

The formal procedures are referred to as an exchange of Affidavit of Documents, Examination for Discovery, Pre-Trial Conference, Motions, Settlement Conferences.

These steps and procedures are critical to a civil litigation dispute. If you are involved in such a dispute contact a lawyer immediately. You could prejudice yourself by not complying.


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