How do I find a lawyer?


Despite, all the resources out there, people still struggle with finding a lawyer. Thankfully, Burlington and Oakville residents don’t have to travel far to find an experienced lawyer.

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How to find a lawyer?

Referrals from family and friends continue to be the preferred choice in selecting a lawyer. Then of course there is the internet. You will find today that there are many lawyers providing a wide array of legal services.

Research the lawyer and ask questions. Also, find out whether they are truly local. Many law firms in Toronto advertise they are local in order to show up in search engine results but in fact are not local. Having a local lawyer will reduce stress, time and expenses associated with traveling. For example, consider the cost of parking in Toronto just to attend a legal consultation.

Ensure your lawyer has experience. Again, with the overwhelming number of choices out there it can be hard to determine what makes one lawyer better versus another.

Finally, ensure the lawyer understands your needs and can work within your financial budget.

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