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In Ontario, the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is used when buying or selling property.

Paragraph 23 of deals with the clause entitled UFFI.

Urea formaldehyde foam insulation also known as UFFI is a standard clause, wherein the seller promises that UFFI was not used in the construction of the home either prior to their possession or after and to the best of their knowledge.

According to the Health Canada website during the 1970’s UFFI was used in the construction of homes for the purposes of insulation. In 1980 UFFI was prohibited as per the Hazardous Products Act.

The concern was that the formaldehyde released harmful gasses. This resulted in many homes that did have UFFI to suffer substantial property losses.

As a result, today UFFI is not used. However, their may be older homes unbeknown to even the seller that could still have urea formaldehyde insulation. Therefore, paragraph 23 is a standard clause, that requires the seller to warrant or in other words promise that UFFI was not used. This also protects the home buyer.

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