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Why do I need a Will?

A Will is one of the most important documents you can ever have and it comes into force when you are no longer around. A Will is a written document that is your final say in how your estate should be distributed. A properly drafted Will can avoid years of messy and complex litigation.

A good Will provides for your family and loved ones.

The importance of this document should not be overlooked nor should one rely on an all in one on-line kit.

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What can happen if you die without a Will?

Dying without a Will can have serious repercussions for not only your estate but your loved ones. It can cause the distribution of your property to be in jeopardy. It can also provoke messy estate litigation among your surviving family members. While in many situations where no issue arises and there is a surviving spouse dying intestate can still be resolved. If an individual dies intestate and they have no surviving kin the Government of Ontario will receive your property.

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